SBI Security Services, Inc

Professional Investigation and Security Solutions


Experience has taught us that the first step in providing quality service is to ascertain the specific needs as well as goals or expectations of the client. This process may include a multitude of steps including, but not limited to: direct input from the contact person for the perspective client, interviewing local leadership and law enforcement, conducting physical assessments of buildings and transportation, reviewing current SOP’s and surveying the executives and support staff. All of these endeavors are aimed at gathering as much quantitative and qualitative information as possible. As the tried and true adage states;

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”


SBI strives to differentiate itself from the rest of the investigation and security services industry. With its blend of professionally trained law enforcement professionals and experienced business executives, management believes that its products and offerings are superior to that of our competitors, as evidenced by SBI’s success.

Today’s threats and challenges require a greater in depth understanding of security elements and the levels of resources and coordination needed to balance the public safety and private security sectors. With the advent of greater dependency on security, security agencies are patching together staff and resources under a guise of professionalism, which cannot be taken at face value.

From the law enforcement side, SBI maintains a highly trained and efficient protection professional as well as investigative force. From the business side, there is sensitivity to the current and future needs of clients while maintaining a stable, profitable business.

The rates that are charged are mutually agreed upon and subject to levels of service. The Company’s financial staff works to insure, first and foremost, that the Company will not only cover its expenses, but also make a profit. For clients, this translates into a number of significant advantages: personnel that are always properly trained and equipped, supervisors visit sites on a regularly scheduled basis and there is never a question about the validity of the hours that are billed or the payroll checks that are issued.

Once a rate is established, the Company provides services in accordance with that rate. The commitment to clients is not to cut corners and not to compromise service. The Company will not “low ball” a price to the point where the contracted services cannot be delivered on a profitable basis.

The blending of these strengths has enabled the company to achieve a number of significant accomplishments and acquire a reputation for both effectiveness and responsiveness.